Meet Brandon

Can I tell you a story?

In 2007 when I purchased my first home, I went out and did everything the wrong way!

I was in a rush, I wanted to buy, and I had the idea in my head “how hard can it be, it’s just like buying a car, with a little more paperwork right?” and “who needs a pushy salesperson creeping around when I am trying to check out the homes I like?”


After the annoying process of calling “for sale” signs outside every house, speaking to an assistant who will “Give my info to the agent” Then waiting…and waiting…and waiting for a call back that never came.
This got old quickly! What are all these agents so busy doing that they cannot give me a call back?

After getting 0.0 responses from real estate agents, I then turned to a mortgage professional for assistance.

They called me back quickly- Great!

I got all my paperwork together, and headed over to the office fast. As we went through the process of getting pre-approved that day I quickly realized;

I have no idea how a mortgage works, and even if I did, there is a mountain of paperwork being thrown at me, and a high pressure pitch to get me into what they are calling an “ARM”

What is an ARM?, what is locking the rate, what is a discount point. I was firing questions out left and right.

Their answer:

“Oh, don’t worry about it, lets just sign the paperwork and we can explain after”

Ummm, no. I got up and ran out of that office as fast as I could.

Back home, and back to square one.

The minute I arrived home, I started to search the internet to find out the answers to the questions I was asking.

During this research, I came across an internet page that connects buyers, and sellers of real estate with real estate agents. I submitted my buying criteria, and within minutes I was getting sales pitches from a horde of agents, all rabid to get my business, all giving off the impression they have not seen a payday in a very long time, and my business was the difference between life and a slow death from starvation.

All except one

His name was Johnathan, and I can’t remember the exact words he sent me, but I still remember the way the words made me feel.

With his words, Johnathan made me feel like he was a long time friend.

A friend with the extensive knowledge I needed to navigate the adventure of my first home purchase.

A friend who was in no rush, and happy to help me with anything.

This is the feeling I want to pass on to everyone I come in contact with, whether we do business or not.

I am not a superhuman. I am a normal person, just like you. The only difference is I have life experiences that are related to real estate.

My overall life goals are tied strongly to real estate, so I stay fully immersed in the industry daily.

As a contributing author I share my knowledge, observations for free on the largest social media networking site for real estate investors( well as contribute to the community forum discussions aimed to help in any way possible.

I invest in real estate myself, so my understanding runs deeper than any agent who is just in the business to get commissions.

I am a member of numerous real estate trade associations( National Association of Realtors, Virginia Association Of Realtors, and Northern Virginia Association of Realtors) as well as countless online, and offline real estate related networking groups. All these constantly feeding me current information on the market as it stands right now.

How Does all this benefit you?

To put it simply, I am your friend with the answers in real estate who will help you accomplish your goal of buying or selling real estate in Virginia, while avoiding potential pitfalls.

A friend who can keep money in your pocket.
A friend who is happy to put you first.
A friend who is always there for you, even when the transaction is over.

There are plenty of agents out there with sales scripts, and a fancy tie, or pretty face willing to tell you anything to get you to sign on the dotted line.

Contact me now if you want to make a new friend.