Fairfax County For sale by owner(FSBO) nightmares #1


Fairfax County for sale by owner(FSBO) nightmares #1

I am on craigslist daily looking for properties to purchase. Every day I witness sellers acting like they are selling an old couch that has been sitting in the garage for years collecting dust. I get cussed out through email. I get yelled at on the phone for asking more than a couple questions, and the list goes on.

There is one single reason I am not offended by these sellers conducting themselves in an unprofessional manner.

They are not professionals!

I don’t expect them to be. It takes massive amounts of knowledge to operate at a professional level in real estate. These people simply don’t have time to invest to get to that level. They are frustrated with the process, and I get it.

Frustrated sellers are why I put together my Fairfax County for sale by owner guide. This guide is free to anyone who wants it. Just give me a call at 571-510-0027.

I have decided to share the entertaining responses I get through email and text. I feel that I should not be the only one entertained by these sellers.

Also, I believe these posts will be valuable lessons of what not to do for anyone out there trying to sell their home FSBO in Fairfax County, or anywhere else in Virginia.

The FSBO nightmare I am sharing today had an ad that went like this (I am not sharing the actual ad because I only want to convey a lesson, not embarrass anyone)



ATTENTION: (address of property) compare to next door (address of neighbor) who listed with broker at 699,000.

Please kindly provide phone


That’s it!

If you are a seller reading this who is trying to sell your home FSBO in Fairfax County, put on your buyer hat on right now. Would this ad make you want to get off the couch, jump in your car, drive for miles just to see it?

Since I am a buyer, I am going to say no. It would not make me want to get off the couch. Plus, as you will see below, the seller seemed a bit rude.

After reading this ad, I was curious. I wanted to see some pictures so I could make a judgment on if I wanted to make the effort to see the property. I didn’t want to assume the seller did not put photos since sometimes craigslist has glitches that cause the pictures not to show up. So I replied to the ad with:

I didn’t see any pictures in the ad?

To which the seller replied with:

WOW! I am confused now! Does this person want to sell their home? It doesn’t seem like it.

If I happened to be disabled, I might take this as a form of discrimination since the seller says this property is “For the willing and able.”

This interpretation could potentially lead to some serious legal troubles!

Do you want to be in a court battle because of what you said in an email? In a court case, you could spend every dime you have on a lawyer for something you stated in an email that may violate the law. All because you wanted to save 3% on an agent.

Yea, I said it right. A seller is only saving 3% because studies have shown a high percentage of FSBO buyers come from real estate agents. Sellers will end up paying a buyer agent 3%

Additionally, I offer a discount to sellers who purchase their next home with me.

So is saving 2% worth the risk of being taken to court over something you may not even know violates the law?

In my opinion, it’s not worth the risk. But hey, some people like to gamble with their future.

Are you ready to explain to your spouse and kids that you will not have the money to buy a new house because a lawyer will be hired to defend against a discrimination lawsuit? (or one of the many other legal pitfalls in real estate)

If you are ready to take that risk, give me a call at 571-510-0027, I have put together an extensive guide to help you through the for sale by owner(FSBO) process in Fairfax County. I respect your decision, and I want to help in any way possible.

If you are not willing to accept the risk, give me a call now at 571-510-0027 to have a conversation on how we can get your home sold for the most amount of money in a time that meets your goals.

Check back frequently for more for sale by owner nightmares(FSBO) in Fairfax County.